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WSU Undergraduate Education First-Year Experience

Univ 104

First-Year Success Seminar

Looking for a 2-credit class that’s all about you?

What is Univ 104? This course is designed specifically for first-year students and:

  • Guides you to think about yourself and your education in new ways
  • Develops a meaningful and smooth transition from high-school to college
  • Helps you achieve success with grades and relationships that support you
  • Has many sections with days and times that fit your schedule (ask your academic advisor)

What will I be doing in this course? You will participate in lots of classroom discussion, write reflectively, work individually and on a team, and even do a bit of research. There are just two texts for the class:

Becoming a Learner: Realizing the Opportunity of Education

By Matthew L. Sanders, associate professor of communication studies at Utah State University

Ready Player One: A Novel

By Ernest Cline

(Common Reading book for 2017-18)

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect in University 104?

In your First-Year Success Seminar, you can expect a small class size, many opportunities to get to know your classmates in small group discussions, and opportunities to get connected with the parts of campus that you care about most. You will be involved in the Common Reading Program, reading the book and attending presentations on campus that relate to this year’s book and theme. Maybe most importantly, this course will help you to make meaningful connections between what is important to you and your opportunities at WSU. Work in this course will help go from simply being a student to being a more self-directed learner.

Does taking UNIV 104 make a difference in students’ success?

Yes! Taking a First-Year Success Seminar will give your structured opportunities (and academic credit) for doing the work that every student must do in order to make a successful transition to college. Some of these tasks include thinking about time management, considering your reasons for attending WSU, discovering what holds value for you, setting goals and taking steps in your first semester toward reaching them. Data show that students who engage in the course material earn higher GPAs in their first semester and are more likely to return than those who did not take the course.

How do I enroll in UNIV 104?

When you register for classes at summer Alive! or fall orientation, your advisor will help you select a seminar section that will work with your schedule. The courses meet only twice a week for 50 minutes

Am I required to take UNIV 104? Does it count toward graduation?

Students are not required to enroll University 104, and in fact there are only seats for limited number of the freshman class to enroll. The course will count as an elective toward your 120-credit bachelor’s degree, and should be considered a 2-credit investment toward your continued success.

What if I don’t take UNIV 104 in my first semester? Can I take it later?

Ideally, students take the Success Seminar in their first semester. If a student wants to take it in the spring, some limited number of seats are available in sections intended for freshmen admitted in Spring. Students are not permitted to enroll in the course after they have completed 30 hours of credit. If you are interested in entering a spring section or need an exception, you can contact Leslie Jo Sena, the program coordinator at

Now that you’re in college, who do you want to become?